Our commitment to sustainability

Join us to promote a circular economy by selling your unwanted bags and buying second hand bags

We’re committed to creating a circular economy of luxury goods

We believe that there is a sustainable way to shop: second hand.
More and more people buy less, but better, that is, luxury second hand goods.

We plant a tree with every purchase

To further our commitment to sustainability, we collaborate with Treedom, an Italian company that allows anyone to plant trees in different countries of the world, offering costumers the opportunity to monitor plant growth. With every order placed on Otto Vintage, Treedom plants a tree.

Few numbers

  • Every year 92 million tons of clothes are discarded worldwide.
  • The fashion industry produces from 8% to 10% of all global CO2 emissions.
  • 20% of wasted water globally is attributable to the textile industry.
  • The use of chemicals in the fashion industry is the second global cause of water pollution.
  • 52% of Italians, almost 23 million, buy and/or sell second hand items.
  • Second hand is no longer a second choice: 66% of those who buy are specifically looking for second hand items.
  • Sustainability is the first reference value of the second hand economy (54%).